We are the Digital Integrator for you!

If you want to successfully face the digital transformation, you need a partner who will work with you to develop a seamless end-to-end digital strategy!

We are your digital integrator, your co-pilot, who puts the needs of your mobile target groups at the centre of attention and brings them into line with your business goals.

"Courage to change - with strategy, experience and understanding" is our credo. With actum as your digital integrator, you will take the next step in your digital development.

Thinking and acting of the mobile target groups are changing and have a direct influence on your business models through the natural use of SMACT technologies (SMACT = Social, Mobile, Analytics [in the sense of Big Data], Cloud and [Internet-of-]Things)

What do we do as “digital integrator” for you?
Digital transformation is not a one-time process, but a constant change and permanent adaptation to the growing needs of mobile target groups.

We ensure that your existing system landscape reaches the necessary maturity level for the digital transformation and can therefore also provide efficient, quickly adaptable and low-maintenance backend processes.

On this basis, we work with you to develop your personal digital strategy and, together with you, create added value through new or to the new requirements adapted business models.

Our mobile business apps and IoT applications complete the overall portfolio and ensure seamless digital integration.